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What is the best way to fix a set of coat hooks into a crumbly brick wall?

The wall in my hallway is plastered, but the brick underneath is very crumbly. I had a set of coat hooks up, but after a couple of months of use they fell out of the wall. It is a unit of 5 hooks, with one hole at each outer end, so 2 holes for all 5 hooks.
I wondered if I fixed up a wooden bar 1st, with maybe 4 screws, and then fixed the hook unit into that - would that help, or do I need to do something else to strengthen the bricks before fixing into the wall? Rebuilding the wall is not an option as it is the dividing wall between two terraces.

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Sounds like to me you've had your coat hook fixed in the mortar bed of the brickwork.

If it's a dividing wall between 2 houses,the bricks will be solid and won't be crumbly.

Try re-hanging it either a couple of inches above or below your original fixing.



Answered 30th Apr 2011

what you want is

it goes off in seconds and dries like concerete squeeze some of that in the holes you have youll be able to swing on it afterwards



Answered 8th Jun 2011

As Carl says,
Probably your unlucky and hit the mortar joints, a nice piece of timber fixed on first would spread the weight, and give you a chance to get some good fixings into the brick.


Answered 30th Apr 2011

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