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Damp floor at the base of chimney breast

I had wet walls across one side of my dining room, the wall had been injected with a DPC before I bought the house, and the work was guaranteed so the guy came back and removed the plaster etc and injected again, this time a 15cm higher. So I thought the damp issue had been resolved, however when we put down a new solid wood floor, we have noticed that the planks near the base of the chimney have started to warp and separate. Again before I bought the house, the Chimney stacks was removed at roof level but the chimney breasts still remain, there is a vent in the chimney breast but there does seem to be some moisture around the vent.

Can anyone provide me with possible causes of the damp floor or steps that I should follow to help me workout where the moisture is coming from. I was going to start getting a roofer to check the roof where the stack had been removed.

I did lift the floorboards up before i get the flooring laid to check for dampness but it looked fine. The walls that had the DPC seem ok now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there
The damp could be coming up from the old hearth if it has not been taken out and wood flooring put back or if it had not been re concreted with a water proof membrane in,if the hearth has been renewed is the flooring touching the chimney breast below the new injected damp course level then drawing in the damp,as for damp around the vent would need to investigate visually.


Answered 10th Nov 2012

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