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Would it be possible to replace a section of rotten joist?

When replastering the hallway in my flat, a plasterer discovered a rotten section of joist behind the old plasterboard. The rot is probably due to water streaming down the outside of the building in the past, although this has now been fixed by the freeholder.

The joist looks as though it's holding up the floor of the flat above, and a section of wall is resting on part of it. The rotten section doesn't seem to be taking any weight though, as the joist hanger above it is loose, and there is nothing else resting on the rotten piece.

Would it be possible to cut out the rotten section of joist and replace it with sound wood, or provide extra support for the rotten section, without replacing the whole joist?

I posted a job for this, which has some photos, in case these are useful:;/myjobs/job/493459/view

I haven't had any responses though, so wanted to make sure I was asking for was feasible, and in the correct category.

Many thanks for your help!

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Yes, is the short answer, cut out rotten wood, well into good wood, and splice new timber to old joist, job done!!!!


Answered 7th Nov 2012

Hi alonasimister, I've had a look at the pictures you posted, and it looks to me like an old lintel that has rotted away and not a joist, but yes it is holding the wall up- it also looks as though, at some point someone has placed a new wooden lintel underneath to support the old one.
Obviously without actually being there to look at it properly, it's hard to give definite advice, but you should be able to chop back enough to tidy it up, then I'd fill the hole with bricks/blocks and mortar.
Don't worry too much about sealing up the timber for rot - it was wet rot and not dry rot.
Hope this helps.


J Chappell Joinery & Renovation.


Answered 7th Nov 2012

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