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Demolition of swimming pool

We have a 12 x 24 Liner pool, I would like a garden, so am looking at having it filled in. I understand the base should be broken up for drainage etc.

I'm wondering if it should be filled with hardcore and shingle, then topsoil and how this is packed to avoid sinking and affecting the foundations of the house. Access to the garden is limited, so I'm not sure how this would be done.

Any advice on cost, time and procedure would be appreciated.

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In your question, you say you have a liner, if so then just remove the liner and infill with soil.
If its a concrete pool, then you need to break out the sides and base, otherwise you wont get any drainage, and it will be like a bog garden.
Depending on the depth, then yes you can partially infill with rubble.
Sorry cant give a price, as it needs to be seen and assessed.
You can place your requirments in the Post a Job section on this site, it doesnt cost you anything, you can then invite the interested trades to come out and price for you.


Answered 30th Apr 2011

Dear homeowner,
firstly i would suggest that you remove your pool liner and then you will be able to see the construction of the underside. Instead of just filling in the pool area have you considered installing a rain water harvester. this could be installed into the existing hole and covered over. You would still be able to have a garden and with the benefit of being able to keep it watered and even using the water in your home to flush loos etc. NOT FOR DRINKING.
Other than that you can fill the hole with subsoil. You will need to hire a "Ramax" remote controlled mini roller. Has the soil is placed in the hole you roll with the ramax thus no voids in the soil. WHAT YOU MUST BE CLEAR ON, IS WHERE THE SOIL IS COMING FROM. Ensure it is clean soil and the seller can offer a soil analysis report. You would not want to import soil from a contaminated source. Lots of soils are now coming from old factory sites etc where the soil is contaminated. Once you have filled the hole to about a foot from the top, place topsoil.
A good tool or plant hire shop should be able to hire you all you need to carry out the works. Alternativley hire a good quality groundworker.
Dan Wade


Answered 11th May 2011

Hi glad to hear from you about this question, the liner will require to be removed, it will probably be a black rubber liner or solid brick or block tiled over.
If it is brick or block demolish and put into the existing hole, do not be tempted to use only soil as this will sink time after time especialy after heavy rain.
Try to get some larger rubble (bricks, broken slabs or boulders) put these at the bottom then decrease the size of stones as the hole gets shallower, when about 14 inches from top level purchase some type 1 hardcore put in about 6 inches thick, get a water hose and soak the hardcore ( this will help to prevent future sinking) put in the last 8 inches with top soil as the height decreases keep trampling in to compact, when level once again soak with water the soil will sink slightly so it will need filled again, the area can then be turfed or plants put in.
It would be very difficult to give a price without actually seeing the job, feel free to post a job as estimates are free. Many thanks good luck.
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Answered 30th Apr 2011

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