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Is it acceptable for a builder to ask for extra money for labour at the end of the job?

The builder has finished my bathroom and has asked for more money for labour because the job took slightly longer than he had first anticipated, it took 16 working days. I did not ask for any extra work to be done, and am willing to pay for any add on's in materials, but i begrudge an extra 700 quid just because he had delays with his electrician, and struggled with the tiling( which also cost an extra 200 quid in tiles, by the way) i'd like your thoughts on this please

Update.... Thanks for your responses.. after a chat with my wife we decided enough was enough, no more money was to be paid, apart from the add on's. After a brief conversation with our builder outlining this he said 'fair enough, just thought I'd ask'. Trying it on more like! Cheeky monkey just met his match!

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If the quote was fixed and the hold ups were nothing to do with you,then you need pay no more.You should ask him if he reduces his price on jobs that go well.i doubt it.You win some,you lose some but you cannot ask for more money because it took longer than you thought!!


Answered 7th Nov 2012

if the only work he has done is what was quoted for without any extra work being carried out the that is what should be payed for, if its because he was unable to carry out the work effiecently then that is his hard luck , or if he has under quoted to achieve the work then again his loss that he is unable to run a more effiecent work sceduke


Answered 7th Nov 2012

hi if you and the builder agreed a fixed price at the start of the job then you should nt pay any more unless you made a few allterations if not i would nt pay him kind regards thomas


Answered 7th Nov 2012

Personally i'd tell him to jog on. If he has taken longer than he thought, buggered up the tiling costing you and extra £200 then tell him thats what he owes you not the other way around. He had delays with his electrician, not yours, so tell him to invoice the electrician then. Cowboys who take the p really wind me up.


Answered 7th Nov 2012

Problem is that to many firms are going in so cheap instead of giving a realistic price at the start, just to get the work. Then they are trying there luck to add extras on to the job. Tiling should have no more than 20% waste.


Answered 8th Nov 2012

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