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Is my combi boiler sufficient for my house

I had a new bathroom fitted 3 years ago with a pump system that worked perefectly. I then had an extension put in 2 years ago and my boiler replaced with a combi boiler. Since then my bathroom shower and bath have had virtually no pressure and the shower temperature is constantly scalding hot with the bath temperature lukewarm. The virually new pump was removed by the plumber at the time of installation. The combi boiler is a Potterton Gold combi 24HEa and I have 7 radiators, 2 heated towel rails, a downstairs and upstairs bathroom, utility room and downstairs cloakroom and was wondering whether the plumber who installed my combi boiler had installed the correct type of boiler with sufficient flow rate. Please would you advise me?

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in a short answer no this boiler fitted is suited to a small flat etc
he should have upgraded your existing system with a new wall hung conventional boiler and kept the hot water cylinder..sorry to be the bearer of bad news..


Answered 7th Nov 2012

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