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Tradesmen need to belong to the master builders federation

Anonymous user 9 August 2023 - 11.31 AM

Are any of the tradesmen members of the federation of master builders?

3 answers from MyBuilder tradespeople

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Scarlett Pub Property Limited
Rating: 5 out of 55516 reviews

Federations and trade groups only do basic monitoring of company’s, My builder and similar companies give a real-time review of works carried out giving a up to date account of how well the company is continuing to carry out works for real people with real reviews. Anyone can pay a federation £800 a year for a badge on the van!


9 August 2023


JWP Builders
Rating: 5 out of 55518 reviews

I used to belong to such an association but after the initial checks, all they wanted was an annual fee ..they didnt do any more checks. The My Builder feedback system is self policing as bad work or service can be flagged immediately.


25 August 2023


Rating: 5 out of 5555 reviews
Stockton On Tees

Load of Rubbish these Days People I Have Worked With are as Qualified. I am 63 Served my Time with Men a Lot older than Myself. And have been Working for Some years as Head of Construction for some of your Biggest House Builders .


9 October 2023