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Repair to flooring required

I had some solid wood flooring layed (not thin laminate) and it had to be glued about 4 years ago. There is one line that has a big gap in it and it looks like it was never glued at the time, nearly in the middle of the floor so quite obvious.

What would be the best way to try and repair this as obviously the floor cant be pushed back together again? Hope that makes sense.


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If you still have some of your wood flooring left,i would probably try and create some sawdust with it (sanding it or better still; cutting it with a chop saw,mitre saw,table saw etc....and collect dust into a bag from the attachment on the saw) and then mix the sawdust into a paste with a bit of waterproof pva glue (not to much),then apply it into the gap with an old credit card or something similar & let it dry.
When it's dry,you should be able to touch it up to match your existing flooring finish (varnish,stain etc...)

If you haven't got any of your original flooring,could try getting a scrap piece to match (oak,pine etc..) from a local wood yard or joinery company.
Failing that,just by a small piece from your local DIY store.

Hope this helps,


Answered 30th Apr 2011

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

Your flooring has shrunk, maybe because the moisture content of the wood was to high at the time of laying it and it has parted at its weakest point.

The only thing you could do is try to obtain some sanding dust (i.e oak) or buy a plank of flooring to sand yourself and mix the dust with clear resin to form a paste and fill the gap with this.

Good Luck


Answered 30th Apr 2011

Creative Floors

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I'm assuming they have not fixed the floor down to the sub floor. Just glued the joints to make a floating floor. If this is the case you could possibly pull the joints back together. Remove all the furniture, take off skirting and use ratchet straps right across the room. if the joint starts to close add your pva glue and continue to tighten up. I would get a flooring company to do this for you though. They will have the special straps designed for pulling wood flooring. The joint will need to be cleaned out very well to make sure the tongue and groove dont get jammed on any debris. even getting professionals in, that would be a cheap job. Hope this helps. If the flooring structure is different to how i've described, pls let us know. Regards

Answered 30th Apr 2011

Fendex SW

Member since 29 Jan 2009

We have done one with same problem you have, done by diyer.
We took of the skirting one side and with some timber packers against wall we could lever it back with crow bars, glued the joints first, worked ok.
Like has been said, there are floor straps that can be used.

Has as been suggested, glue and sawdust could work, if there was no more movement, I would tend to go with Cascamite wood glue, it is highly efficient adhesive, for interior & exterior joinery, shop fitting, laminates, veneers and boat building.

Answered 30th Apr 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

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