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Scaffolding - legal requirements

My property is leasehold and coming due for external repair works, which generally is just a bit of re-painting here and there. It is a standalone apartment above garages - no property above me. Is there a requirement therefore for minor painting repair works for scaffolding to be erected, in accordance with HSE?

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if you want to go by the book on health and saftey then scaffolding would be required, but most builder decorators will use a ladder for this type of work


Answered 4th Nov 2012

If there is a stipulation within your lease contract stating that any remedial work on the exterior has to be carried out on scaffolding. Then you are tied. However, if not then unless there is a very awkward area where people walk under, you should be clear to engage your decorator. Scaffolding is only really considered when working beyond two story height.
Engage a well established professional to do the work. He will know, and can advise on site during inspection/estimate phase.
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Answered 24th Jan 2019

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