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I need to change a small but high up window

do most/many window fitters have their own scaffolding? although its a small window, as the house has high ceilings it is probably on the equivalent of a 2nd to 3rd floor. I'm just wondering how much/difficult this will be to change. many thanks

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Most windows Can be entirely fitted from the inside out. There are exceptions and for those the fitter would either use a ladder or in my case a lean-to deck which can be put up in 5 mins.


Answered 28th Apr 2011

you dont always need a scaffold(tower) if you can take the glass out from the inside, then take out the screws of the frame that hold the window in place, score/cut the old silicone(external) and then score or maybe run an old saw against the old plaster and window(internal) it should nock out, you can also cut the stiles in half(sides) and break it out in two pieces. then fit the new upvc window from inside,using packers, screw and fixing foam, re glaze, then using a suitable ladder re silicone the externals, job done.


Answered 28th Apr 2011

if the window has an opening section and you can access the fitting screws you can change it from inside the house,you will probably need another person to asist in supporting the weight, if it is a fixed window and not internally beaded then it will have to be changed from outside and may need the use of a tower scaffolding( not a job for d i y). all new windows are internally beaded so can be fitted from inside the house,regards Terry.


Answered 28th Apr 2011

You havent said, wether its a upvc or wooden window, if its upvc then it can be fitted from the inside, although you still need access to outside for siliconing the edges, brick/frame.
If its wooden then best to use a tower as you have more work, beading/puttying,
knotting, priming, undercoat and gloss, plus silicone.


Answered 30th Apr 2011

What type of window do you have;

sliding sash ;cords weights etc?
casement side hung on hinge?
casement dead light with top opening section?
casement dead light glass within a frame?

What are you looking to fit,,or refurbish
What is the heigt of the window sill from the floor and also the overall height to the top?

Many thanks

Sash Window Specialist


Answered 5th May 2011

Hi, Most windows now are internally glazed which makes a window easier to install we do have our own scaffold if required most of the work is in the finishing off, like the sealing up from the outside.

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Answered 16th May 2011

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