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Holes in new roof underlay

I had my old felt replaced with underlay, and the tiles reseated. On inspection from the inside I have found a small tear,2 cm approx. I also found a nail protruding through the underlay. Is this acceptable, or is it likely to cause problems? If it is a problem, what should request the builder to do.

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Im pretty sure you will find something like this on every roof if you look hard enough.A 2 cm tear on the whole roof is some achievement considering the rate that this is often done at:) At the end of the day the felt is merely an emergency 2nd layer.If it leaks,your tiles need looking at!


Answered 29th Oct 2012

unless you are unlucky enough to have a tile fail exactly where this 2cm tear is their is really not going to be a problem, undefelt is only a back up your tiles are the main protection


Answered 29th Oct 2012

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