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Does lino need underlay?

I have a brand new house. and in a room I want to use as an office. In this room there are small ridges where the boards meet.

So the ridges don't show through the lino, does this mean some underlay would be needed? or maybe sanding down?


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Hello, lino (vinyl) doesn't need an underlay. The underlayment for this is either screed to level the floor if concrete subfloor. Or in your case the underlayment would be to plyboard the whole floor with a 6mm ply. I hope you find my advice helpful.!


Answered 29th Oct 2012

Hi all you need is a layer of ply wood . Depending on how bad the current floor you might need anything from 3mm to 6mm ply. Nail it down with ring shanks and make sure any joints between sheets or cuts are tight other wise these will show through .

Option to sort out gaps between cuts and joints of ply is a product called feather edge which will smooth out any imperfections but its not a product you can find in a DIY store more flooring trade only.

If you want the best finish for the floor post it on my builder and gather a few quotes and you will be surprised by how little it will actually cost to get the job done perfect.

Hope that helps
Jason @ jrfloors


Answered 29th Oct 2012

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