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Who would be responsible for moving a mains electricity unit and how much would this cost?

We realised after we bought our house that our mains electrical until (with the meter on) was attached to a dangling piece of wood in a kitchen cupboard. We are sure this isnt safe but were not sure where to start on how to arrange for this to be moved. Is this our responsibility to arrange for this to be moved or would it be our electricity provider? If this is our responsibility how much would this cost to move to an outside unit?

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If you are only concerned on the safety of the unit it should be a fairly straightforward job for an electrician to secure the board or replace it,consumer units/meters are generally enclosd in kitchen cupboards and is quite legal/safe.this should cost arround £200.if you want the meter/incoming supply moving this has to be carried out by your supplier and can cost from £1500+ as they have to work "live",regards Terry.


Answered 28th Apr 2011

Hi there. To keep it simple, anything before the meter is the service providers property. This also includes the meter. Anything after the meter is your property. In some case there may be an isolation switch after the meter belonging to the service provider.

In most situations, it gets left where it is due to the cost of having it moved by the service provider. You may also have to wait. No harm in getting a quote though. Simply call the number on your bill.

If the board is not fixed then tell them. Its normally spaced of the wall slightly to save the mains cable from bending. Any movement could cause a loose connection / arcing which could be extremely dangerous. They should fix this immediately.
All the best.
Gary Secelec Uk


Answered 28th Apr 2011

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Answered 14th Jun 2011

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