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Matwell or trim main door?

I just have laid engineered wooden floor but found the gap between the main door is not enough for a thin indoor mat. I wonder should I build a matwell or trim the main door? I like to go for the cheaper way... but not sure can a main door be trimmed and how much it may cost?

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a mat well is sometimes the better option as if you take to much off of the front door there will be a gap which may cause a draft or let water in, where as cutting into the floor is fairly easy and a coir mat can be dropped into the cut hole, I would check the door height first though.


Answered 8th Nov 2012

A matwell would be a better option for a number of reasons:
It will collect dirt and any water carried in on your soles..not a good idea to let either onto wood.
As L&P stated trimming the door can just give you more issues.
I would recommend a 'ribbed mat as coir will shed over your floor and will also leave an unsightly area where you have wiped your feet.

Hope this helps


Answered 28th May 2013

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