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Repairs to and refurbishment of 16th century grade 2 listed house


We have just purchased the property after delays with completion. This has set us back time-wise in terms of having work done and we are renting.
There are urgent repairs such as a gaping hole in one corner of the building where 4 panels in between the beams need to be replaced and it made structurally sound. We also need to be in the property by 5 December.
Due to problems with the previous owners we have not been able to start work as we only completed last week.
We know the listed buildings officer needs to look at it but because the work is urgent (before we move in), I am wondering if they will consider this urgent and allow us to repair the building?
I am sure with winter here they will not want the building left in this state.
We have a great builder who is used to listed buildings and we will be returning it to it's original state plus an architect/surveyor he deals with.
What are your thoughts on this as we can't really wait for weeks while an application is put in? I am not sure how the listed buildings department works.

Many thanks

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Local Authorities tend to be ok with urgent repairs as long as you notify them in writing, all works done are only what is necessary and materials/finish match the original building. I would suggest taking photographs of the areas before the work is done and get your architect to write a short method statement about this particular part (to include in a design and access statement) as you will need to detail these retrospective works in your future planning application. However, I wouldn't get anything done until somebody from your Local Authority has been to see the property just in case they see any issues and have suggestions you may not be aware of.


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Answered 24th Oct 2012

generally you want to talk and arrange a meeting with the the listings officer for your area along with your builder/architect at the propertry, you can then agree a plan of action and can apply for planning/listings consent, include everything you want to do to the building in one application,on aggrement you will then be able to go ahead with the work prior to making the offical application,they will probably state this is on your own head but due to time of year and the fact that lime mortar can not be used in tempetures below 5% they will allow this and not object to thiswork being carried out. their is no time limit on planning applications for listed building so if you include everything in one go it means you do not then need to go back in a year or so to make an other application. take plenty of pictures before and after any work is carried out
good luck alex


Answered 25th Oct 2012

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