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Nearly new chrome towel rail radiator valve leak

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Can anyone help with this problem. I had a new bathroom fitted in 2010 and the Tall Chrome Towel Rail Radiator had some green showing shortly after installation, now The Valve has gone and there is a leak. I have turned off the valve but it will need to be replaced, what should the cost be approx.
Also resealing where the end pipes are attached to floor tiles?
The seal around Bath and Shower area is poor and it is very wide, off colour and unslightly, again an approx estimate would be appreciated

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What green are you asking about?
If its the pipework then the flux had not been cleaned off when soldering , this will corrode the copper pipes quicker and you will see dark green around the joint area.
If its the tiling then you have a damp/condensation problem and no free air.


Answered 14th Feb 2018

Hi, The cost of valves varies from £10 up to £110 it depends on the design you want? See link below:

Cost of fitting should not exceed £100 again I've spoken with some customers in areas where the charge varies as well but that's an approx estimate

The 2nd part of your question - By the sound of it the person who fitted the bath did not check the wall and instead fitted the bath and filled the uneven wall with sealant (and from what you said not anti-mold sanitary sealant) causing it to be unsightly, with wide areas and dis-coloring.


Answered 11th Dec 2014

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