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Do i need plans for removing a wall and fitting a steel beam

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There are lots of variables here. How big is the opening? Is it an internal wall or an external wall? Is it loadbearing or non-loadbearing?
If its knocking an internal loadbearing wall between 2 rooms then you will need Building Control involved and possibly a Structural Engineer to provide Calculations to 'prove' that the lintel you are using is capable of supporting the load imposed on it. If its just a normal doorway opening then just go ahead.
If you are altering an external wall then you may need plans to supply to Planning as you are changing the appearance your house and you will also need Building Control involved.
The steel beam may also need to be covered in something like Gyproc Fire Lining Board to give it 30mins fire rating.
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Answered 27th Apr 2011

Hi there

You will need structural engineer's drawings and calculations, for your peace of mind, and for the benefit of building control and the contractor you engage.

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Answered 27th Apr 2011

You dont really need plans, but any structural work/alterations, you must inform Building Control, via your local council.
They will want to see engineers calculations for any steels/ lintols.
They will also need to see them in place before covering up.
It may affect the sale of your property in the future if you ignore this.


Answered 27th Apr 2011

the information that bjd have given is true and i am doing the same work at the moment for a client i have paid and informed building control of the work to be done and had an engineer out for the load calculations to be put in writing to show building control and they will look at the beam in place before it gets covered


Answered 21st May 2011

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