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Can a double socket be fitted directly above a further double socket?

An Electrician conducted some work for me and to be honest I'm worried about the work he has done and want to know if it's safe. He fitted an additional double socket to the side of the existing double socket, which seems fine, but then he added a further double socket above the original; I have never seen this before and wonder if it's dangerous. Please can someone advise?

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First and foremost, you should have recieved a Minor Electrical Works Certificate for the job. If the electrician has not issued you with a certificate then you have no evidence/audit trail that the work was crried out to the requirements of BS7671:2008 and has been properly tested.

The positioning of a socket directly above another one it itself is not unsafe. It probably looks a bit odd as it not a common practice.

Provided both sockets are not spurred off the original (i.e. the original ring or radial circuit has been extended properly) then there should not be an issue.

You do not say which room the sockets are in, but if its the kitchen, then part P of the building regulations also applies and the completed job should have been registered with your local building control department. - Failing to comply with part P of the building regulations can result in a fine of up to £5000

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Answered 24th Oct 2012


Basically there is nothing wrong with the position as long as he's wired it correctly.

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Answered 23rd Oct 2012

Appendix 15 of BS7671 which describes Ring and Radial Final circuit arrangements states that an unfused spur should only feed one single or one twin socket outlet. This spur should be run in 2.5mm

If your electrician has extended the ring in to one of the new sockets and then carried it back around to the original then all is ok.. If not it's not to code and should be sorted - the easiest way is to extend the ring. failing that an additional fused spur needs to be put in and load calculations done.


Answered 22nd Oct 2012

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