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Sloping floor in new extension

Just had a kitchen extension completed but the floor slopes from the older part of kitchen to new part. there is at least an inch in levels. it shows more now as the new kitchen plinth depth at one end of a run of units starts at 145mm [original part of kitchen] and ends up at 170mm depth in extension part. What can be done about this problem? The flooring has already been laid but it is really noticeable. Pointed this out to the builder who blamed sub-contractor who laid the base. Floor is not level underneath laminate and bounces in parts where new build meets old. Is there anything that can be done to detract the eye away from the slope and make it look more level?

I would like to upload photos of the slope but does not provide this facility. The foundations are piled so no movement. The problem is that the extension subfloor has not been built up to the same level as the original house. Now that the new Kitchen has been fitted with perfectly level units the slope in the floor is very noticable and is really bothering me as there is a 25mm difference from one end of a 4m run of units to the other.

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Hi Veritas_91

Your builder should not be blaming a subcontractor, he has an agreement with you in place of what work was to be carried out therefore he should be liable to ensure it is all carried out correctly. He chose and paid the sub contractor, not you!

It does need to be redone, and he should have to do this for you, at no cost. You need to speak to him about fixing the problem, and if he cant, tell him you want him to refund you enough money to have the work put right.

In future, check with the builders you use if they use "subbies" or if everything is done by them. I'm afraid in this instance you will have to seek legal advise if they refuse to put right the problems, and next time try to use a better company. The cheapest quote is not always the best and you should be able to request references and insurance confirmation from anyone working in your property!

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Answered 19th Oct 2012


Your builder made a mistake with his subcontractor and you have choosen the wrong builder. The slope of a new extension is not acceptable. Its moving more than it should be and probably it will move more.
You can try to hide it some way but its not a solution.
Its a hard situation as it needs to be redone as you did not get the minimum quality you can accept with a new build.
Probably the ground has been checked before pouring the concrete and you had specific details about it.
If you had an architect would chat with him too.


Answered 19th Oct 2012

Any decent builder will take responsibility for any contractor that works on their behalf.It should be redone and HE pays.Hes passing the buck and should never have got as far as plinths! He must think you are stupid to think it would be ok.


Answered 20th Oct 2012

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