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Can i use concrete to rebuild a wall with a lime mix?

Am having a 3m high x 10m long stone garden wall revamped. Part of the wall had to be taken down by 2m. Can I use concrete to rebuild it using a 1:4 mix even though the 1st m is a lime mix?

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If your wall is lime mortor your best to use limecrete, this consists of 3 gravel 3 sand and 1 hydraulic lime hdl 5. be sure not to use hydrated lime as this will not set properly.


Answered 31st Oct 2012

There is no reason to say you can't but the mix you are suggesting is far to strong a 6 -1 mix would be strong enough for stone work. I would advise you to use builders with a proven track record in laying stone, as not many builders have experience and knowledge in stonework


Answered 20th Oct 2012


You should really be using a lime based mortar with stonework. Something like a 6 sand, 1 lime and 1 cement would be ok but as JD Kent says, 4-1 is far too strong and will cause the stone to blow due to water coming through it instead of the joints!!



R.Hughes Construction Ltd


Answered 25th Oct 2012

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