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Levelling floor space where hearth has been removed

We are having laminate flooring fitted soon but first we must level the floor where a hearth has been removed. We are planning to post the job here on MyBuilder but we're not sure which category we should be advertising in? Flooring, chimneys and fireplaces, handyman?!
Please advise!
Many thanks.

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If you're getting a professional layer to fit the laminate , then it something he should be able to do. If its a concrete floor it needs to be either screeded with a self levelling product or a product called ardex a 45 ( can be used , the ardex is available at all trade flooring shops so the fitter fitting the laminate should be able to pick up a bag. If its a wooden subfloor you can infill the gap with plywood, it comes in different heights from 3mm. If the laminate fitter can't offer this service I would look else where for a fitter as they should be able to offer this service, as levelling a floor before laying the new one is a every day job for a floor layer.

Hope that helps
Regards Jason @ jrfloors


Answered 19th Oct 2012

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