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I want my bathroom tiled on top of existing tiles. can it be done.

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In my opinion the best way would be to remove the tiles and start afresh but
tiling on top of tiles can be done no problem. There are plenty of adhesives that will do the job such as bal white star and ardex ardicol d30 but these need long drying times as wakeman tiling said, Clean the times and prime with a polymer based primer such as Dunlop universal primer as this is not a water based primer like pva. Another possible way if time is an issue is the use of rapid setting flexible adhesives such as Ardex S16 with Ardiccol E90 admixture or Ardex adruflex 5000 primed with adrex P82, these product have built in chemicals that allow them to dry in non porous conditions such as glazed tiles and porcelain tiles. All these products as good as they are come at a price.

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Answered 27th Apr 2011

Accurate tiling and plastering

Member since 30 Jan 2009

Yes you can,you can buy a tile on tile adhesive but to be honest i would recommend you take off existing tiles first,make good walls if needed then re-tile.
Results will be far better.

If you do decide to tile on existing tiles,don't use silicone to stick them on ;)


Answered 27th Apr 2011

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

i agree with the fact that it is best to remove old tiles ..but there is no problem with tiling over the top of old tiles as long as you key up the old tiles with some rough sandpaper and pva the tiles ..make sure you use a good quality tile adhesive ..then as wakeman says leave as long as possible before you grouting ...good luck

Answered 27th Apr 2011


Member since 30 Sep 2008

I'm afraid that's not a good idea at all. I strongly suggest to remove the existing tiles before.
Basically eveything can be done - to answer your question, but no good tiler would want to through with such a thing, that won't be a good job and the chances that the new tiles will fall off (even with a creative solution to stick them on top of the old ones) are quite big.

Answered 27th Apr 2011


Member since 23 Mar 2011

yes it can but drying time is longer. firstly, check tiles to make sure they are fully secure, none are loose, then clean them with sugar soap, and tile, normally the wall and tile sucks the moisture out of the adhesive to make the adhesive go hard but as its on top of tiles a tile cant suck water out, so leave for 5-8 days before grouting. kind regards

Answered 27th Apr 2011

Wakeman Tiling

Member since 26 Jul 2009

It is possible,However if any of the existing tiles are loose the weight of the tiles on top will pull them off
When tilig all the walls must be solid and clean.

Answered 27th Apr 2011

chris pickles plastering

Member since 20 Jan 2011

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Yes you can tile on top of tiles, but in my opinion this is unprofessional, not long ago some one here was sticking them on with silicone.
I would always take of existing tiles before retiling.

Answered 27th Apr 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

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