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Can you answer some questions we have regarding our newly fitted windows?

our window fitter has installed new windows with large add ons on our tilt and turn windows, we feel he has not measured the windows correctly, however he states that they need this to stop the hinges banging on the reveals,is this correct? also we have bottom opening windows which have handles that dont match the tilt and turn windows, he says that we wont be able to match them, is this correct? he already has made several mistakes that have had to be rectified resulting in us having little faith in his abilities. So we would really appriciate your opinion. Thanks

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I would put an add on to the hinged side of the tilt/turn window also. He is right in what he says - that the window would hit on the reveals. Also if the hinges require maintenance at any time, they are easily accessible. 15 or 20mm add ons would suffice.
As regards the handles, normal casement windows have handles that open at 90 degrees, whereas tilt/turn handles can turn 180 degrees and if set up properly can lock in the tilt mode for child safety.
Hope this helps. Paul


Answered 17th Oct 2012

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