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Combi boiler nasty smell

My combi boiler is about 2 years old. I moved into this house 6 months ago and have had no problem up until about a week ago and now I am getting a very nasty eggy/cabbage smell from the boiler which is making the whole house smell really horrible.
I called British Gas on Friday as the house was vile when I returned from work and they sent an emergency engineer round in case it was gas - it smells nothing like the natural gas smell from the oven for example. The engineer discovered the pressure was too high and so shut it down, pending a visit from another engineer to have a proper look.
To give British Gas their due, within 2 hours an engineer came round, recitfied the pressure problem, took lots of readings (which he assured me were all excellent) and left, central heating and hot water working fine. Of course he couldn't smell the nasty smell because all the windows and doors had been open in case it WAS a gas leak.
Saturday the smell remained, however on Sunday it seemed a lot less. However today, Monday, the smell is worse than ever and is starting to make us all feel a bit sick.
I have a properly functioning carbon monoxide detector which hasn't been affected and the engineer said there were no gasses or fumes coming from the boiler. So having had it checked out, and been given the all clear, what do I do next? It is a nightmare to have to endure this.
Many thanks.

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if your boiler is only two years old it will be a condensing boiler and the smell will be comeing from where the condensate drains,the trap inside the boiler must be empty.IE if your sink trap was empty with no water in it,and it was going into your soilpipe there would be be no way of stopping the smell filtering through.thats what a trap does it retains a section of water so foul air cannot pass it and enter your home.tom


Answered 16th Oct 2012

Sounds like Hydrogen.


Answered 16th Oct 2012

condensate pipe get aplumber


Answered 23rd Oct 2012

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