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How to secure a vertical radiator on a dot and dab wall

I am looking to install a large vertical radiator on a dot and dab wall. The radiator will weigh approximately 50kg without water and the plasterboard is 25mm insulated board with brickwork behind it. The surface of the plasterboard is approximately 65mm from the brickwork. Can anyone advise the best way to fit the radiator securely?

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Hi yes you can hanger it no problem at all. As long as you use right fitting I don't see any problem making sure you use 100mm long screws may be 10x100 will be fine.


Answered 22nd Dec 2022

Try with 100mm screws. Make sure the plug is securely in the brick work before screwing. Failing that, may have to cut out the area of the bracket on the plaster board and secure the bracket directly to the brick work. This depend on how much play you have with the bracket and radiator.


Answered 30th Dec 2022

A lot of these bigger radiators can be purchased with feet so I recommend buying these as they will hold a lot of the weight


Answered 1st Jan 2023

You could make two nice pattresses out of ply or some nice timber paint the same colour as the wall then fix this to the brick behind using 100mm screws and you can spread the fixings out as fixing a hanger may pull through the plasterboard as it won’t have a very big surface area causing damage then hang the rad on the hangers fixed to the board or wood


Answered 24th Dec 2022

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