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Do i need a new consumer unit?

My house is fitted with a Crabtree SB6000 (100A RCCB/ 100mA trip).

Three years ago an electrician issued a minor electrical installation works certificate IMM2 after changing supplies to a new boiler and hot water cylinder. He did not mention any need to replace the consumer unit.

I am now redesigning the kitchen which will involve new supplies to appliances and changes to the lights. The new electrician says the consumer unit needs replacing. Is he correct?

Have the regulations changed in the last three years?

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.

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Yes the regulations last changed in 2011 and were also significantly updated in 2008.

All electrical circuits in the home now need 30mA RCD protection, so the 100mA RCCB you have is no longer adequate.

It maybe possible to upgrade your old consumer unit, although Crabtree have updated there range a few times in the last 10 years, so newer RCD/MCB's may not fit.


Answered 24th Oct 2012

It sounds as if you already know why your consumer unit does not comply as you have stated your RCD is a 100ma trip its required to be 30ma and that has not changed it was the case three years ago.
so in short your consumer unit does not offer the correct protection as to if it needs replacing that depends on whether its possible to upograde the existing unit and if that option would be economically viable.
At least you know that the spark who has looked at your instalation this time has not overlooked the above.
Hope this helps-Kevin.

P.S. A minor works cert also under part 3 essential tests, has a section for RCD operation-operating current and time
so he should not have missed this.
You should also have been issued with a compliance certificate (required for new circuits or special locations) which is issued by your sparks governing body on behalf of the LBC usually within a couple of weeks of completion.


Answered 14th Oct 2012

No you don’t need new one as long as you have supplementary earth connected to exiting consumer unit.
But I recommend a new consumer unit (Dual RCD 17th Edition Consumer Units


Answered 14th Oct 2012

The best thing to do is to post a picture of your existing fuseboard in order for an electrician to be able to advise you accordingly. If you do require any electrical works, i would be happy to offer any advice or services that you may require.
I look forward to hearing form you.


Answered 14th Oct 2012

with regards to the regs changing , then no they are still 17th edition with a few ammendments , well if the consumer unit is working now i dont see why it would need to be changed , i guess it hasnt got rcd protection .as long as its fit for purpose then i wouldnt bother, its up to you really to get a second opinion, theres a lot of electricians come out for free to give it a health check .hope it helps , kindest regards jason


Answered 14th Oct 2012

Dear Customer,
You don't have to change your fuse board as long as circuit is protected by RCD 30mA.
New kitchen fitter / Electrician should give you option that they can install small unit 2 or 4 way to cover their new wiring (up to 2- 4 circuits) and they should not pass the cost to change the whole fuse board on to you and you can check your contract with them.

I have noticed in recent years that Kitchen fitter they quoting without this and once customer agree and ordered all kitchen fittings they will say now you need change your fuse board .. at this stage you will become confused and in bit limbo condition!!!

Please check with them about this and make sure it’s clear....

Also RCD protection is must for any new wiring / modification within the domestic property as per the BS7671, IEE wiring regulation.

I hope the above info is helpful.

All the best for your new kitchen....STAY AWAY FROM CONFUSTION AND STAY SAFE...VISIT>>> esc dot org dot uk

Best Regards,



Answered 14th Oct 2012

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