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Repainting a metal garage door.

Standard up-and-over metal garage door. Was white, and so a target for graffiti in an exposed area. Tried to repaint the front black ourselves, but can't get the colour as the metal paint doesn't want to adhere no matter what we have tried. Dispairing now! Want to place a job to get someone who knows what they are doing - unlike us, clearly! - to rescue the situation, but unsure of what to ask for in order to right matters?

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should just be a case of rubbing it down and putting a good metal primer on follwed by a good black metal paint.

hope this helps


Answered 12th Oct 2012

Hi There Are some really good water based products on the market now that will stick to most things if not use Zinsser bin stain blocker primer the will stick to any thing then paint black


Answered 20th Oct 2018

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