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Is it possible to unblock saniflo piping chemically?

My soil pipe is jetting up water when I have a shower. The shower water exits slowly, but the loo and handbasin seem to function normally. The soil stack has been checked and is not blocked. I'm reluctant to call in a Saniflo engineer because of the cost. The bathroom all runs through a Saniflo Plus. Any suggestions as to how I can remedy this? I understand some chemicals can damage the components of the Saniflo.

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Chemicals should NOT be used on saniflow systems as it can damage the seals inside (nor plunge them), if all else is draining fine then as above check the waste in the shower. I don't get what you mean when you say your soil pipe (last pipe where all pipes connect) is jetting up water, do you mean your shower waste? this can usually unblocked by lifting out the centre and then the filter.


Answered 30th Apr 2011

last resort for chemical use I'm afraid as it can be hazardous to you and the next person if it doesn't work. sounds like the shower trap will be full of gunge and some of the same down the shower waste pipe. Most modern shower traps have hair trap access grating for removal and cleaning and the pipework should also be accessable enough to remove and unblock. if not a joiner would be able to work out best way of ensuring accessability for present and future maintenance.
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Answered 26th Apr 2011

If every thing else is working ok, have you checked the trap on the shower.

You dont have to have a saniflow engineer out, a good plumber should be able to sort it.


Answered 26th Apr 2011


Never put chemicals into a saniflo! This is a blocked waste pipe issue, there is no problem with your Saniflo so no need to call an engineer. Either replacement of the shower waste pipe or disconnection from the saniflo and run into a large bowl, with a chemical treatment/plunge as necessary.

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Answered 8th Oct 2015

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