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Advice of repeat cracking of plaster

The external walls have a crack horizontally thru the whole of my flat probabaly due to the differing expansion rates between the brick wall and the concrete framing (Floors, columns and beams). Filling doesn't work - cracks simply reappear. Would a plasterbord lining solve the problem? If so, how should it be applied insuch a way as to aoid it cracking as well? Or is there something else that would do the trick?

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hi ..the best bet is to get a plasterer in ...he can open them up for you ,,about a quarter of an inch ..fill the cracks with a bonding plaster as this is more tolerant of any movement and then skim the cracks ...just filling the cracks without opening them first will guarantee them to come back ..hopefully this will do the trick all the best and good luck

Answered 26th Apr 2011


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hi, the best thing to do , by the sounds of it, is hack the crack out , to make it wider , carlite bond it , but scrim it first its basically reinforcing the crack, and then skim it, hope this helps.

Answered 26th Apr 2011


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Depending of the extent of the cracks you have a few options plaster boarding/drylining seems drastic.

When you have filled have you use a flexible filler such as decorators caulk as this is flexible and will move with the expansion throughout the year?

another is to have it skimmed and few layers of scrim to be layered over the crack prior to skimming.

depending on the original build where the crack is there could be a timber in which case you could have ther area hacked out and a metal EML rendered in place and then skimmed to match existing?

Hope this helps and sorry that it is not a definative answer.

Please feel free to contact us for advice.


Answered 25th Apr 2011


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If you've already repaired them and they have re-appeared, i'd suggest getting a structural surveyor to inspect your property before you throw any more money at it. Any sort of Gypsum plaster is totally intolerant to movement, regardless of what mesh/scrim you put in first.

Answered 27th Apr 2011

Absolutely Plastered

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Absolutely plastered is spot on, new plaster will crack again if the building is moving, you need a surveyor not a plasterer!

Answered 15th May 2011

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