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Sturdy ladder and safety rail for loft storage access.

My loft space has a pull down ladder, some boarding and bulk head lights. It's used only for storage. I would like a more pensioner-friendly ladder and safety hand rails or sturdy bannisters of some sort at the loft access point to enable me to hoist myself from the top of the ladder into the loft with ease. Any suggestions please as to a good solution eg., where to enquire for a quote ? I haven't found any suitable ads. so far.


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Hi Dorian, there are some neat loft hatches with integrated wooden ladders.
The access is better than a pull down ladder, and when fitted by a carpenter the hatch area can be fitted with additional handrails to suit your requirements.
The hatches cost between £100 -150 and fitting between £120- £200 depending
on work involved.the additional handrails will be extra.


Answered 12th Oct 2012

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