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Pvc doors sticking and lock not engaging

I have recently had 3 pvc doors installed on a conversion one is a double door all doors are sticking and locks not engaging properly without due force.
The builder has been round and adjusted door, and quoted the doors had dropped due to heavy use.
Have i been quoted right as all doors are sticking and this build is less than 10 months old

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Not being funny but builders do not Install doors. ITS LIKE GETTING A PIANIST TO TUNE YOUR CAR
If any door is Installed and GLAZED properly, and by the right tradesman It will work properly



Answered 9th Oct 2012

I agree with John, commonly doors are glazed incorrectly in that the packers do not deflect the weight to the hinge side. Needs the internal bead removing and packers positioed correctly. Assuming the casing is plumb then the door could be set up in under an hour.

Regards Ash


Answered 13th Oct 2012

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