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Cold spots all along ceiling where the walls meet

I have noticed strips of cold spots on my bedroom ceiling all along one wall where it curves and meets the outside facing wall. It isn’t on any other walls but unsure what it could be?

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If this the section that curves down from the main ceiling to meet the walls then it is very probably not insulated and difficult to get to.


Answered 27th Oct 2022

Agree with Access 4 Lofts, the joint where the wall meets the roof is not insulated and hence causing the cold spots. To solve you would need to be in the loft, pull back all the insulated laid over the joists and find a way of getting insulation down behind the areas you are getting the cold spots.


Answered 3rd Nov 2022

Two reasons may cause this issue.
First: The loft insulation isn't to the right position (up to the internal wall) and/or the eves are blocked and the loft area has got a poor ventilation.
Second: Poor room ventilation, drought from the windows or windows don't have trickle vents.
Both reasons, either together or individually, can definitely cause a cold spot.


Answered 18th Nov 2022

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