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Triton shower goes boiling hot and then freezing

Hi, i am having major issues with my electric shower. In order to get it to work i need to turn the dial to the hottest setting and then i can hear it boiling like a kettle and then turn it down really slowly until i get the temperature i want. However, if you turn it to fast it goes freezing cold and you need to switch it off and start all over. I notified my landlord of the issue and i had a new shower installed last week but I am having the exact same issue. I couldn't even get it to work at all this morning i.e. i turned it up to the max setting it was boiling and then a turned it down a little and it went back to being freezing!!! PLEASE HELP :)

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From the description you have given it sounds like a water pressure problem


Answered 10th Oct 2012

hi bella 83 . the problem you may have is loose conection in the switch wich i guess is pull cord .1 of my client had the same problem before and after i change the swich and reconect all the cables everything was fine . let me know if this is in any help . but make sure you get a qualified and part P registred electrician for this job like my self or all ather electrician on this site,. I HOPE THIS WOULD HELP


Answered 25th Oct 2012

Its definately a low water pressure issue!


Answered 28th Oct 2012

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