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How do i go about putting my mind to rest whether my property has asbestos??

I am just in the process of buying a property a week from exchanging contracts. My homebuyer survey has stated as my property is a 1930s build, it is likley to have asbestos in the roof, chimney lingings and possibly floor coverings. As these are all areas that will requiring renewing, I need to know whether its worth buying the property as from what i've heard asbestos is really expensive to remove. How do i go about, having the property checked for asbestos? especially as the chimney and roof are all boarded off internally? I mean until the property is mine I'm sure the vendor won't agree to having these areas unboarded so they may be checked.

Also can anyone tell me how much it will cost typically to have a roof renwed on a 3 bed property?

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you say a three bed house but it will depend on the size of the roof. is it a semmi, detached,terraced.
a full survey should discover any problems. The vendor has a duty to allow this if they want to sell ,if they have boarded the roof and chinmey to prevent advice dont touch it with a bardge is impossible to estimate how much this will cost till you know the extent of the problem but if its a major problem the cost could be excessive


Answered 28th Apr 2011

I would imagine the vendor would have a job selling their house if your surveyor has picked this up.
This can be quite a costly exercise, as it would need to be carried out by licensed asbestos removal companys, and disposed of safely.
You need to get a company out, you can post your job here, there may be some asbestos removal companys here, failing that, yellow pages.
Your not going to know the cost until its checked, if the vendor wont agree, then you will have to allow for the worst case scenario.
Myself, I wouldnt go ahead with the purchase until the true cost is known.


Answered 26th Apr 2011

If I was you, I would knock £5000 off the price of the house. That would cover the removal of the asbestos.
A new roof would be in the range of £3500-£4000, depending on the type of tile and if scaffold is needed.

Alex Driscoll
Driscoll brothers brickwork


Answered 28th Apr 2011

Alex and BJD builders are both spot on, just be careful, but you might be surprised and there's nothing there, the surveyor is only guessing and is covering himself for all out comes so just do a bit more research and get an asbestos surveyor or somebody in that line of work to have a look, it might cost a couple of hundred quid but that's nothing compared to what it could cost if you went and bought it blind, good look.


Answered 30th Apr 2011

I have been looking into this sort of problem on behalf of a client, firstly i can say that there are plenty of websites out there offering a removal service, but some of them do give links to some very good advice, the overiding advice i can give you is to get as much info as poss & as many quotes as poss because there are so many opinions as to which is the best route to follow, you may be interested to know that a lot of asbestos can be contained & encapsulated therefore saving the cost of total removal, do agree with all above tho, the seller of the property should allow reasonable surveys/inspections to be carried out, Hope you manage to sort this difficult situation out, steve @PDQ


Answered 3rd May 2011

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