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Plumber accidentally damaged to my bathtub

Dear plumbers quick question,

The plumber accidentally dropped an exposed shower valve on my new bathtub.
Which he installed 2 weeks before and charged me £185. ( already paid)

The dent is right underneath the shower head.

The plumber bought a repair enamel kit, he mixed paste applied on the dent and told me wait for few hours sand it down and spray it…. basically to DIY repair it myself.

My husband told me that the damaged is right underneath the shower head and that the weight stress and constant movement of people rotating as they shower that repair kit will not work, and it will leak at some point.

My husband said that no shop would ever sell a bathtub with a dent on the floor of the bathtub and nobody would be stupid enough to buy a bathtub with a dent on the floor of the bathtub where there will be constant weight and movement. Husband thinks that unfortunately the bathtub needs replacing.

The plumber had a tantrum and told me my husband is wrong, he knew nothing and was talking rubbish and that the repair enamel kit is good.

Then the plumber stormed out of my flat and said “ keep the money “

But what money?…. I am thinking

His rate was £250 plus materials.

My new bathtub was £499
Buying a replacement is going to be another £499
Getting a waste clearance man to collect the damaged bathtub for disposal is going to cost £100
Getting a new plumber to install the new bathtub is going to cost between £180 to £250.

I don’t know what he meant by “keep the money” ( By the way he sent me an invoice this morning ) which l am happy to pay but l think the bathtub issue needs to be sorted first.

Is it unreasonable to ask him to replace the bathtub?

Or it is acceptable to buy a repair kit and ask the client to fix accidental damage caused by the plumber.

By the way he installed my new toilet, shower, bathtub and sink and I was happy with the work he done and l already paid for his first and second visit.

It is unfortunate that on the last visit he dropped the shower exposed valve and dented the bathtub. I completely understand that it was an accident.

Many thanks for taking the time to comment and your unbiased opinion and your advice.

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As far as I know, any damage caused to a customer must be paid for and repaired by that plumber. That repair kit will last, but if it is in an area where the tub is buckling, it won't last more than 1-2 weeks.


Answered 19th Oct 2022

It's the fitters responsibility to replace the bath tub. He should be insured and that should cover him but if he isn't then it's his responsibility to pay for the replacement. Repairing it would be okay as long as it's acceptable to do so. It's not like he has dinged a wall and can just patch it up and repaint. It's a bath tub like you say will have weight and pressure on it.


Answered 20th Oct 2022

he should have insurance to cover this as it was his fault, write to him tell him he must sort this of the problems is that clients rarely ask to see plumbers qualifications or insurance, always insist on seeing both before job commences.


Answered 20th Oct 2022

The plumber should replace the bath if he/she has damaged it and if a repair kit actually worked, it should not be left to the customer to fix.
Obviously you have employed a plumber who probably doesn’t have insurance.
Contact him and ask for it to be replaced, if he doesn’t your only recourse is trading standards.


Answered 20th Oct 2022

He was services were required to fix not to brake so it’s definitely down to him to resolve this. Whether you are happy for him to just install the new at no cost or contribute to the cost of replacing it.


Answered 20th Oct 2022

I believe it's a good thing about the insurance


Answered 20th Oct 2022

Sorry to hear. For future and for other people reading this.Always take tradesman with insurance, It is only damaged bath but cost good amount of money to have it sorted as You mentioned. What if plumber flooded bathroom and kitchen downstairs over night? Cost of repairs could hit up to 50k.
I am sleeping well with my 10mln cover insurance


Answered 20th Oct 2022

That was very irresponsible of the plumber not to cover the bath when working, you should not pay the plumber until the bath has been replaced on he’s expense.


Answered 31st Oct 2022

Any damage caused to a customer must be paid for and repaired by the plumber , is a good idea to check if the tradesman is insured before start of any project


Answered 31st Oct 2022

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