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New cooker all electric - previous was dual fuel

Hi - am changing my cooker to an induction one with twin electric ovens - the technical spec says it needs 45 amp wiring . Checked my fusebox- there's a separate fuse for the cooker , ( and a cooker switch in the kitchen) but how do I know if its a 30amp or a 45 amp ?! It doesn't say on it - and I don't know if I need to get an electrician out - don't want to have to pay for new cables if its all already in there - (been stung before ) so would rather have a bit of info behind me !! Any ideas ?!?!? Thank you !

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Unfortantely its not possible to answer this without looking at the circuit, its common to find cooker circuits wired using 6.0mm PVC twin and earth cable with 30, 32, 40 or 45amp fuses fitted.

As a general guide if the fuse is a wylex wire type (BS3036) the body of it brown and has red dots on it will be a 30amp.

If it is a plain brown body on a red backing plate (when the fuse is removed) its possible that its a 30 or a 32amp BS1361 cartridge fuse.

If it has a brown body on an orange backing plate then its a 40amp BS1361 fuse.

If it has a brown (fairly chunky body) on a green backing plate then its a 45amp BS1361 fuse.

Due to the diversity factors alllowable on cooking appliances, a cooker of around 10Kw can be connected to a 6.0mm cable with either a 32 or a 40amp fuse.


Answered 13th Jan 2013

Hi Karen,if twin & earth? 6.0mm cable is 30a & 10.00mm cable is 45a, generally, way to tell size is solid earth on 6 & stranded earth on 10, hope this helps,


Answered 7th Oct 2012

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