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1 out of 6 down lights work since plastering ceiling

My plasterer left the down lights hanging down whilst he did the plastering on the ceiling, only one light works now -( looks as tho its the first one), they are all still hanging as a neighbor put his elec screwdriver to one of the lights casing and told me it was live and that the earth and neutral were also live ??

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At the light that works either the neutral or live has come disconnected and the other five lights have stopped working - check the connections at the working light SAFElY


Answered 6th Oct 2012

99% likely that a neutral wire has pulled out of the connection at the first light and the other 5 on the circuit past this point are getting a live feed but no neutral, hence why both live and neautral are showing a slive when tested.

An easy check is to remove the bulbs at the 5 fitings that are not working and the neutral at each light should no longer be live, as the electrical circuit across the fillament in the bulb has been removed by virtue of taking the bulb out.


Answered 13th Jan 2013

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