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Removing an airing cupboard and replacing with a door and replacing a door with a wall

I have a 90 x 90cm airing cupboard which is divided 50/50 between two rooms, I would like to have this removed and replaced with a door between the two rooms. Also I would like the original door between the two rooms to be replaced with a wall.

Note: This isn't a load bearing wall, all pipes and tank have been removed, can the old door and frame be recycled and used for the new door?

What would the cost likely to be?

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Answered 25th Apr 2011

why not just recycle the lot and build a new cupboard lol


Answered 25th Apr 2011

its not that much of a major job so you looking less than 300 i would have thought


Answered 26th Apr 2011

have done this to another house was in and made ensuite aswell yes you will be able to recycle the door and frame will cost about £250


Answered 5th May 2011

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