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Do i need to rip up all the cables attached to the joists?

There is a single layer of insulation in my loft. They run between the joists. On top of the insulation run lengths of wiring secured in place to the joists between them. I want to lay another layer of insulation down but the wires will no longer be above the insulation. Do I need to pull up all of the wires and secure them to the roof beams instead?

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In most cases wiring underneath your insulation will be ok as the new recommended levels of 270mm will be too high for most connections. If you have halogen bulbs they should be covered with protective plastic domes to avoid over-heating or switched for LED bulbs, but wires are generally ok.


Answered 14th Sep 2022

As the previous comment
Just top up the existing insulation cross ways, if and when you do it.


Answered 25th Sep 2022

The only cables that you would need to look our for are the higher voltage cables like Electric shower cables or cooker cables if you have them they need to be pulled above the insulation so that the heat doesn't build up. If the wire isn't long enough to pull over it will need extended. Lighting wires would be fine left in place and if your downlighters are not fire rated the you would have to cover them with a solid plastic downlighter cap and secure that in place with some silicon, and just lay the insulation over the top.


Answered 10th Oct 2022

Yep as above not to worry carry on, but if halogen downlighting is present keep insulation 150mm away or protect the lights, or change them to LED


Answered 12th Oct 2022

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