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Should a roofer go examine the roof before giving a quote

Hello, we have a small leak in the roof (coming from around the chimney stack) and were looking to get quotes on fixing it. Should a roofer climb onto the roof and examine the affected area before giving a quote? Also the one roofer we have had round to give a quote went into the loft to examine the few damp timbers (didn't go on the roof) and suggested that rather than doing a succession of small repairs we would be better off replacing the chimney. Does that sound sensible? Thanks very much.

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it is possible to see what may be the problem without getting on to the roof but unless the chimney is in danger of falling down without checking all the chimney/roof its not possible to say exactly what the problem is or if it needs replaced. most companies will do a free quote on the work required to solve the problem.


Answered 2nd Oct 2012

You are right to be dubious of anyone offering a quote or estimation for a leak anywhere on your roof without getting up a ladder at least. It is common practice to look in loft spaces or top rooms of the property in question to try and establish the root of the problem. It is unlikely in my experience for any leak to compromise a chimney and lead to it need replacing. Although if the chimney was in a very bad state of repair it could cause a leak. If this is the case and is what this tradesman is suggesting then I would urge you to call a structural engineer or chartered surveyor before undergoing any work. In your shoes I would be inclined to get other quotes, at least, and ask for a clear answer on where your leak has accumulated from and what are the options your tradesman is offering you to fix it. Also, is it a long term or short term fix and could you get a written guarantee on it not happening again. All good roofers should offer you that which I have mentioned above.


Answered 5th Oct 2012

If it was me I would get in your loft and on your roof I would get in the loft to give me a rough idea where the water may be coming then I would get on the roof to have a closer inspection and give you a quote on repairing it. Sometimes it is better to just get it all done as your roof could be beyond repair so what happens is you could just keep throwing money at it to keep getting repaired and before you know it, it would have been cheaper to get a new roof. Thanks Nick from NTE Roofing


Answered 22nd May 2019

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