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Is it possible to lay reclaimed floorboards on a concrete floor?

We have just bought a completely renovated grade 2 listed cottage. The cottage had been burnt down and was totally stripped back and fixed up. However this now means the flooring downstairs is concrete. If we were to buy some reclaimed floorboards would it be possible to lay these over the concrete some how so they will look fairly authentic? Thanks!

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there are 2 ways of doing this first is to base screed then paint able dpm ( Damp proof Membrane ) then top screed then glue your boards down using B92 Balls & co glue

the next way is to fix batten's to the floor no more than 50 cm spacing DPM can be sheet form then screw the boards to the batten's

but please remember when fixing the batten's there maybe underfloor pipes so find this out before drilling

hope this helps


Answered 30th Sep 2012

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