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Tracing source of air vents

I have bought a new build house and the latest issue I've noted is the extractor hook in the kitchen is not ducted, there is no pipe present taking the smelly air outside so for the past year I've been recycling my smelly air! The get out clause is that in this BOSCH range an air filter can be fitted so luckily I don't need cumbersome internal walls broken etc. However I note that I have several vent ducts going to the outside of the house which I am now unsure of where he source is. I do have 5 bathroom/cloakroom ventilation fans, but I wish to know exactly what is the source of each visible duct. How can I trace the air vent to its ventilator fan source?

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It is an easy but tedious affair!! we use coloured powder dye to trace each vent.
need more advice just ask.
regards Ashley


Answered 26th Oct 2012

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