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How long before painting on newly skimmed walls!!!

My girlfriend has asked the plaster how long before we can paint on the newly skimmed walls!!!He said replied with "Three days" but I think couple of weeks!!!

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3 days is the recommended amount of time. you will see the colour of the plaster go dark then light once the entire wall has done this it is paint ready. i would recommend white washing the wall before you paint, this is just emulsion mixed with water 1-1 mix this will stop the paint drying to fast and leaving lines and patches.

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Answered 25th Sep 2012

For new plaster always use a contract matt , this does not contain vynal so allows the paint to soak into the plaster rather than the paint forming a skin and just sitting on top of the plaster which can peel.


Answered 20th Oct 2016

3 Days is ample However, if the walls are not completley dried back then give it a few more days. Mix Matt Emulsion 50/50 i always advise to do two coats. and once dry one full white coat. Then paint in the color of your choice.

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Answered 25th Sep 2012

Three days is quite ample time! For a reskim to be painted with mis-coat.


Answered 25th Sep 2012

Newly skimmed walls u should wait till they dry should take agood 2/3days. Them u can start mis coat


Answered 6th Dec 2017

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