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Waterproofing under tiles around shower

We had our bathroom done 2 and a half years ago and about 6 months back water started leaking into the kitchen ceiling. After investigation i found a tile on the upstand from the shower tray (there's no door its sort of like a wet room) was loose. on removing the tile I discovered there's nothing behind it... what should have been a marine ply base has competely rotted away and theres nothing supporting the floor tile at that point either and the tile has cracked diagonally. ANother tile had also cracked at what I suspect is a jont in the boarding.

6 months later I've given up on trying to get this bunch of cowboys to come and sort the issue and I am going to take them to court. No doubt they'll argue they never got a chance to address the issues but I've given them several dates and they couldnt make any of them being 'too busy'. They also said its out of guarantee and "your records aren't on our computer" any more. Its clearly a latent defect and the 6y statutory limitation applies here I believe so they have no argument.

However I need the bathroom sorting, which I guess means lifting all the tiles, stripping out and reinstating the wooden subfloor, making sure its properly waterproofed this time and laying new tiles. Will mean taking out the bath as well because I doubt I can get ones that colour match (though the actual tiles are still available) so they'll all need doing. Theres about 3m x 2.5m of heavy porcelain tiles to be lifted and reinstated. I'm hoping none of the wall tiles need sorting but so far there seems to be no problem there.

Roughly what might this cost to do and how long? I'll need some pictures/evidence of the bad workmanship to use in the court case.

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Sorry to hear you have this problem.
It does sound like faulty workmanship or incorrect materials used to create the wet room base.
As regards to the cost to rectify the problem it depends on the extent of the damage you can't see the water could have been leaking much longer than six months so there could be wet rot on timbers etc.
The floor will need to be waterproofed with a membrane but shower area will need doing on the walls also as the junction between floor and wall is where most wet rooms fail if not done correctly. So some wall tiles will need to be removed I am afraid to say. Price wise you could be looking at upwards of £1000 depending on the extent of the repairs needed
As for the court case a think you might struggle there 2 1/2 years after the job was completed.
Chris harrington


Answered 25th Sep 2012

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