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Re-skimming over lime plaster walls?

Hi, we've just taken about three layers of wallpaper and lining paper off a bedroom in our Victorian house and found that the original lime plaster is actually in decent conditions. No cracking, a few small holes where nails were put in, but nothing is falling off, and there are no huge chunks missing. What should I do? Originally, we were going to re-skim the walls, but now I've been reading that lime plaster lets the walls breathe. We'd like to get a smooth finish--should I just sand the walls down and fix the holes? Should I go the dreaded lining paper route? Or should I just re-skim? We are trying to achieve a nice, smooth finish. Thanks for any help!

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On lime walls suction plays up massively, so if going to spread do a small area 1st.
If you go the sanding route use a soft filler as lime will suck the filler very quickly and a hard filler might hair crack through sucking to quickly. Avoid lining paper personally, on a nice Victorian property it dulls its history and class of build, but that's just my opinion.


Answered 23rd Sep 2012

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