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Damp walls with flaking plaster


I am hoping you can help me figure out the solution to the bane of my life!

There have been damp splodges on the back wall of my dining room for almost 2 years now - I have been assured it is not rising damp as these splodges appear around the middle of the wall rather than from the bottom. We got a dehumidifier in - no difference. Rainy weather or dry weather - the splodges are still present and no sign of disappearing. I have filled in all holes from outside and near the window but nothing appears to have worked.

I have now spotted the problem worsening as the 'damp' appears to have spread across the wall and I can see random splodges deeper into the room. What is concerning me is that I have noticed the paint is bubbling up and once I remove the bubbles, plaster and paint are both crumbling off. Things are getting worse as an entire sheaf of plaster just crumbled off whilst I was hoovering! So now I have a wall with damp splodges and varying amounts of brickwork showing through - not the look I am particularly keen on... I am at a loss as to what to do - I can't seem to identify where the water is coming from (no gutters, window is secure, holes filled up). Do I just get someone to re-plaster and skim the wall? What if the new plaster doesn't dry?

I would greatly appreciate anyone's input!

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hi there i advice that you cut away all the damaged plaster back to brickwork.then dry out the brickwork and replaster.but if your damp couse has had it you will need a new one.if you brickwork has white patches coming through,then salts are coming out the brickwork which will need to be treated first.


Answered 3rd Oct 2012

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