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Patio - whats involved?


I'm looking at getting a patio in my garden. The area is about 12-13sqm, and is just mud atm. It'll just be a simple one with square pavers in rows, so no patterns.

Just wondering what the job would actually involve? Also the sort of time to do this kind of job?


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Timescales are very much dependent on access when it comes to working in backyards. The area is not very big so shouldn't present too many problems. The area needs excavating by at least 8 inches to allow you to bring in a nice firm hardcore base on which to lay the slabs. At this point the soil is a factor, you should really be down to the subsoil before building back your levels for firmness. Another consideration is water fall, whenever you lay a non porous surface you will get run off, the rain needs to be directed into a suitable water table eg. an existing storm water drain, or perhaps a flowerbed. The slabs themselves should be laid on a full mortar bed, a 4 to 1 mix is usually acceptable and then pointed (or grouted) with a stronger semi dry 3 to 1 mix. This would then be striked off with a jointing iron. The joints themselves would ideally be 8-15mm. Perhaps a little more detail than you were looking for but I hope it helps.


Answered 29th Sep 2012

good advice from FORIS, the only thing I would add is to stress the importance of getting out all the soft earth and get onto a solid foundation, any that you leave in will come back and bite you! I like to lay the slabs on a 3:3:1 mix of stone dust or sharp sand, sand, cement on a 100mm consolidated hardcore base blinded with dust and a membrane. a neat way of insuring the fall is to have the bubble in your level touching the line furthest away from the run off.


Answered 30th Oct 2012

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