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Letterbox lock for my front door

Hi can I screw a letterbox lock on the inside of my pvc door

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Hi. There are several ways to close the letterbox. You could purchase a letterbox Restrictor or even a letterbox blanking plate.

A screw may not hold it fully and may not look too appealing.


Answered 12th May 2022

A SHASH jammer is also a cost effective way.


Answered 14th May 2022

Best bets probably a flap lock


Answered 13th May 2022

I personally use a letter box lock, it’s easy to lock and unlock from the inside but from the outside you can’t and also it can be tightened so that the letterbox is secure to your preference,


Answered 21st May 2022

hi I would agree with the last answer but add if you are going to screw it don't use a screw that is too long as it will come out the other side of the door, and check you are not screwing into the glass if you have some in the door as the glass unit will be bigger than the bit you can see


Answered 23rd May 2022

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