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Do i need to seal plaster before painting still?

I had my chimney breast plastered over original paintwork and the fireplace was boarded out to make a smaller alcove. This happened almost 2 months ago and with loads going on, I’m just getting round to painting it, so I still need to add a paint/water wash to it after all this time?

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Yeah a 70% paint 30% water mix should be ideal. One coat of that then Normal paint on top


Answered 29th Apr 2022

Yes you should 70%water 30%paint just one coat of that than just paint


Answered 29th Apr 2022

Make a mixture of 70% paint and 30% water apply One coat of that then Normal paint on top


Answered 1st May 2022

You will still need to give it a white wash, 50 % water 50 % white paint a watered down white emulsion paint mixed up well , then 2 coats of your colour,
If not the plaster will draw the moisture out of the coloured paint fast and not leave a nice finish, hope this helps cheers 👍


Answered 2nd May 2022

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