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How lower part of doorways should look like? ideally.

I just finished renovation of my hallway. And I am very unhappy how lower part of doorways (there are four of them) look like. There are big gaps between laminate floor and wall, between lower part of door frame and floor and so on. It looks horrible and unfortunately I can not find any information how these areas has to be finished. Builder who put laminate is useless and tries to convince me that it is how it should be. But before he tried to convince me that kitchen extractor can be not exactly over the hob but 7 cm to the left from it. So looks like I will have to finish all unfinished stuff by myself. Can I somehow put a picture so professionals can recommend me what to do?

I am pretty good in DIY and taking into account that I am a woman I am damn great in DIY. But with these doorways I am lost.

Here you can see pictures. On my opinion door frame cut too high. And I do not know if I can make it look less ugly now.
Guys! Many thanks for help

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Hi There

It would certainly be helpful if you could post some photographs, it would make the job of giving advice a little more accurate, from your description it sounds like there's an over-compensation for an expansion gap around the perimeter, there's a school of thought which says that laminate flooring has a much lower coefficient of expansion than timber flooring and consequently requires less of an expansion gap

Either way, your Builder should have either provided mouldings to cover the juncture of the laminate/skirting and he should also have under-cut the door frames to allow expansion beneath these and conceal the gap, the mouldings could be retro-fitted at any point which would solve the problem you have at the skirtings, if you can post a picture of the problems at the doors then I could offer more advice

Many Thanks


Clydebuilt Joinery

Hi There
Thanks for the photographs, I had a quick look at them and I “reluctantly” have to say its not the best looking finish, I think as all of the previous respondents commented, its really pretty poor quality workmanship
There are one or two “tricks” that you could try which might reduce the visual impact of the problem, if you still have scraps of the flooring material you could try cutting some very small “slips” of flooring that might close the gap slightly, ensuring of course that you leave an expansion gap , the edge cut would have to be very straight and I don’t imagine you own a chop saw with a very fine tooth blade, in that case even a basic mitre box and cheap saw from B&Q might do the trick, bed the slips in silicone mastic and leave the silicone to set
Once its set, you should be able to find a flexible sealant which matches the floor colour, I would suggest using a tube of this to “conceal” the remaining gaps at the frame, the badly fitting mouldings could also be set in silicone and any poor joints sealed with matching sealant
Its never going to be a substitute for a properly done job, and normally I wouldn’t advocate it, but in this case it may well save you the expense of getting tradesmen in again to make good the bad workmanship , the matching mastic does tend to have much less of a visual impact than a gap at the door frame
Hope this works for you, and hope you manage to get it sorted
Best Wishes
Clydebuilt Joinery


Answered 19th Sep 2012

Hi sounds like you have a rubbish contractor.
The laminate floor should have a 8-12mm gap from wall, but the door frame should be cut away to allow the floor to run underneath -no visible gap. Sounds like he cut too much away. On walls beading or skirting may solve the gap.
The extractor should be centred over hob-no excuses.70mm (7cm) is a massive difference.
You will need to get someone to look at it and offer solutions.
Get someone off this site.
Good luck


Answered 18th Sep 2012

Hi there,

It sounds like the 'builder' has not cut the bottom of your door frames and put the laminate underneath them, that is how it should be done. No gaps should be left uncovered! If there is big gaps they do not pay the man and insist he does it properly!

Kind regards,
A.M Joinery


Answered 18th Sep 2012

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